Drawing is my first love, and I still carry a sketch book wherever I go.  But painting is so seductive, with its many mediums and continual challenges to the mind that I cannot leave it alone. It’s what motivates me and occupies a major portion of my thinking as I view the beauty in the world around me and wonder how I can show you what I see and feel.


And then there’s those cars!  I do love them.  I started painting custom watercolors of collector cars several years ago and at this point I’ve done quite a few.  I don’t know a single thing about how they work; I just love their beautiful designs and colors.  I do them only on commission, but prints of most of the cars on the website are available.  Call, email or text for pricing on prints, commissions or fine art paintings.(Contact page).


Three very different types of paintings. Loved doing all of them. The Orange Dodge Challenger on the track is a totally new experience. I had a great photo to work from and could really translate the feeling of speed into my painting with the smoke and the track against that fantastic sky.

This beautiful 2017 Anniversary Edition Camaro truly surprised me with its design and elegance in a contemporary muscle car. That charcoal grey with orange accents is a great combo. This was for a client that I have done several cars for and it was great to see them again.

The Dodge Ram with the 2 dogs was so much fun to paint. The client’s photo was taken in front of his home, but he wanted it in a Mountain Scene. Voila! Blue Ridge Mountains. I love dogs & paint many dog portraits, but none with Trucks, until this one.

NEW Painting: Conflagration

In April of 2019, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris went up in flames. The television coverage was heartbreaking and my immediate reaction was tears, seeing this magnificent iconic building being destroyed before my eyes. I sat down in front of the TV & started drawing. Two days later I spent the day painting this. I think it was the fastest painting I ever made and probably the the most emotional.