Drawing is my first love, and I still carry a sketch book wherever I go.  But painting is so seductive, with its many mediums and continual challenges to the mind that I cannot leave it alone. It’s what motivates me and occupies a major portion of my thinking as I view the beauty in the world around me and wonder how I can show you what I see and feel.


And then there’s those cars!  I do love them.  I started painting custom watercolors of collector cars several years ago and at this point I’ve done quite a few.  I don’t know a single thing about how they work; I just love their beautiful designs and colors.  I do them only on commission, but prints of most of the cars on the website are available.  Call, email or text for pricing on prints, commissions or fine art paintings.(Contact page).

3 NEW CAR PORTRAITS: watercolors, all 12X16


It’s been a very busy summer for car portraits. The 3 car shows I went to were blessed with great weather,lots of cars & lots of spectators. These 3 cars are each new and different for me in their own special ways.  The Black Camaro was exceptionally challenging with the engine details.  I worked hard to get everything in & my client loved it.  The Ford, with it’s ghost flames, was also a new experience.  It’s a gorgeous car.  And that White Camaro is just Power Personified. 

NEW Painting: The Blacksmith. Oil on Linen.


This painting has been percolating through my thoughts for over a year now and I finally finished it.  I photographed the Blacksmith in his shop in the Summer of 2017 when I took the grandkids to Bethpage Village.  I went again last summer. I was intriqued by the beautiful firelight that reflected on his face while he concentrated on his work & I hope that light comes through in my painting. I probably need to photograph it better. This one is from I phone.  I’ll get to it…eventually.